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The origin of Golf Sport dates back to 1368-1644 in China and its original name is 'Chuiwan'. This sport was spread to Europe by traders in the Middle Ages over the years. According to another information, Golf is that Protestant priests and local people played this game in frozen water channels in the Netherlands.

Regardless of the actual starting point of golf, there is a known fact that it is the sport that is preferred by the intellectual and high-income segments all over the world.

In Golf, which is the sport of rules and nobility, all players must behave in a disciplined and sportsmanlike manner on the field, according to the on-court rules and dress, and must respect the rights of other players. With this feature, Golf has a different place among all sports.

Golf enthusiasts from many parts of the world have been coming to Turkiye for this sport, especially in the spring months. Especially in the Belek town of Antalya, the presence of hotels with fields where they can play this sport is to attract the attention of the regulars of this region day by day.

Festatur Global, besides hosting Golf players from many parts of the world, periodically organizes special Golf Tournaments.